Welcome home Jaro!

August 19, 2014 (Tuesday)

Angel my wife, has just started her maternity leave from work today. We took a walk for 2-3 hours as advised by the ob-gyne Dra. Myrna Pedraja to do it everyday. It was only until today and the previous Saturdays that we are able to do it, since Angel is working. We bought some pastries from the bakery nearby and took a walk on White plains road to find a shop that sells white table cloth needed by my sister Marie at church. We had some chat with the care taker of the abandoned japanese restaurant who sells items for garage sale. Then, in the afternoon while taking a shower, Angel noticed that she’s been urinating more frequently than before and what’s odd is that it is white in colour than the usual yellow and it is quite warm. Her mom, Verona who has recently returned to assist us in caring for the baby advised her to go immediately to the hospital as this is one of the signs that she has started labor. Still hesitant, she finally was convinced as the ob-gyne confirmed through text that she has to go now.
The pain according to my wife is still quite tolerable that’s why she hesitated. While in Marikina Valley Medical Center, we have received a confirmation from one of the assistant nurses at around 6pm that she has to be admitted for labor. Good thing that prior to this I’ve already given her a prayer to bless her during labor.
We waited for many hours and already had a reserved bed in the patient’s ward at room 3007A. I barely had sleep thinking about my wife and baby’s situation. According to the ob-gyne and nurses that she is still at 2cm. I offered a solemn prayer that my son and wife will be protected at all times from harm.

August 20, 2014 (Wednesday)

The next morning, I was informed by the nurse that she has regular contractions. However, she is still at 2-3 cm and her amniotic fluid has gone dry. The ob-gyne has just arrived and asked me to come see Angel in the operating room to decide if we will want a caesarian section as an alternative. We have finally decided to do it for their safety. The CS operation commenced at around 7am and was to be performed by Dra. Pedraja. I saw in my wife’s countenance that she’s a little nervous and a bit teary-eyed but at the same time showing her courage and faith in the Lord as she goes through all this before she was finally taken into the operating room. I faintly said to her ‘I love you’.
Now, I am waiting right outside of the operating room and hoping everything will turn out fine.

I came across this nice excerpt while flicking through my ipad version of the LDS scriptures:

The Lord has given equally weighty responsibilities to his daughters. A woman’s greatest assignment is to give mortal tabernacles to the spirit children of God and then nurture and bless them so they will return to their Father in Heaven. She also may receive inspiration and understanding in behalf of the family. While she is pregnant, she nurtures the child with her own body, sacrificing her own comfort, and in some cases even her own health or life, to give life to another. The fact that numberless women have made this sacrifice does not lessen the unfeigned love each woman shows when she is willing to become a mother. While the child is growing, a nurturing, consoling, compassionate feeling develops between the mother and child that is not duplicated elsewhere. The child is literally flesh of her flesh, and the natural affection that exists between a creator and his creation exists in its strongest earthly form between a mother and child. (Chapter 1: Intimacy and the Purposes of Earthly Families)

It really makes perfect sense that Angel is now fulfilling one of her greatest and most sacred role which is to become a mother for our son Jarom Phillip C. De Guzman.

It was sooner than what I expected and Angel just gave birth to our baby boy Jaro. We were invited to view him from the window glass of the nursing room. It was breath taking and I was totally amazed at what I felt and saw with my own eyes: flesh of my own flesh and bone of my own bones! I took a couple of pictures of him and headed back to the ob-gyne ward with my mother-in-law.

Jarom Phillip Cabintoy De Guzman
Jarom Phillip Cabintoy De Guzman

Then after a few hours at around 2:30 pm, my wife was delivered into our room to recuperate from the operation. My heart melted upon seeing her disoriented and weakened from the whole 12-hour labor in the operating room. She saw me and could barely utter a word. She is refrained from speaking and no food or fluid administration allowed not until she has let out her gas from her. We let her rest for a couple of hours and when she has recovered a bit and can speak a little (apart from her non-verbal nods), I spoke to her and asked if she would like me to offer her a blessing of comfort. My wife agreed to and I began to offer a heartfelt prayer to aid her in her recovery. A few minutes later she started to let out some gas and we immediately told the nurse to call her ob-gyne if she will be allowed to have some water. Finally she was allowed to drink and sooner than expected was allowed to have a soft type if diet of bread, soup and cream milk.

My mom came to visit Angel and has brought something to eat as well for her. Marie and Kylie also came to visit and has brought some of my garments and clothing to change.

Then we all had a chance to see baby Jaro once again at the window by the nursing room. We saw him open his eyes a little bit, maybe somehow has sensed his cousin Kylie’s presence!

I really hope for the fast recovery of my wife and be able to wrap our arms around our baby Jaro soon.

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