Baby boy (Cotton) or Baby Girl (Sophie)

Baby Boy or Baby Girl?
Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

Are you really there baby bunny? Cotton or Sophie?
It’s the 1st day of the year 2014 and what great blessing it is to be blessed with a child given by God.

Angel has been acting a bit strange and wanting to eat sweets and other things she would normally would not crave for. She also catches herself caressing her abdomen on some occasion. She would at times vomit or have morning sickness in the morning which is one of the notorious signs of conception.

To know the truth, Angel tried to use a PT or pregnancy test by dropping a 1-2 drops of her urine in it. Almost immediately a line appeared on the PT indicator. Then she put in 2 more drops and a second line appeared parallel to the first.

She was so grateful to become pregnant after 4 months of our being married as husband and wife.

I was still sleeping after New year trying to recover from last night’s NYE2014 (New Year’s Eve 2014) countdown in Eastwood city with the whole family.

I’ve noticed that she woke up early but somehow do not know the reason behind the excitement. As she asked me to pray and kneel together, that’t the only time it came to me that she was pregnant as she thanked Heavenly Father for blessing us with a child this year!

She was crying and I do not know how to react upon hearing the news. Still, shocked and speechless, I hugged Angel so tight and was grateful in my heart that he answered our prayers all along.

Mom and dad overheard our conversation and also my little sisters and they gave the both of us a huge family hug welcoming the coming of a child inside Angel’s womb.

As soon as Angel posted this picture on facebook, people started liking it by the minute that it almost reached 200 likes and 100 comments just extending their congratulations to us as a couple with a child soon to be born.

I love my wife so much and now, I am even more motivated to do my best to serve them and uphold their welfare at all times. Truly God has given my bessy Bunny an early gift for her upcoming birthday on January 3 this year 2014!

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